Instructions for Cashless Catering below.

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Tremains Primary Payment Instructions

Please phone the school office if you need further assistance 01656 815900


Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. We hope this information is helpful.

I forgot to pay dinner money online. Can I give you cash or a cheque?
We no longer take cash or cheques, all dinner money must now be paid online.
I forgot to put money on my child’s account, can my child have a school dinner today?
No, you must supply a packed lunch and put money on their account 24 hours before any school meals are taken
I put credit on my child’s account this morning; can they have a school dinner today?
No, you must supply a packed lunch. Credit has to be placed 24 hours before the expectation of a school lunch.
I forgot my child’s unique number, where can I get it from?
Please ring either admin office for this information
I have sent my child in with a packed lunch because I didn’t put the money on their account over the weekend, do I have to send them with a packed lunch all week now?
No, you can put credit on your child’s account at any time during the week but it must be 24 hours before the expectation of a school meal.
A family member would like to pay the dinner money this week, do they have to use my email address for the receipt?
No, if someone else is paying your child’s dinner money, they can use their own email address and the receipt will be sent direct to them via their email address.
How do I get a balance at the end of the week?
Every child should have an email of a parent/carer on the system. Every Friday afternoon, an email is generated and sent to this email address showing the balance. If you have not received this, please ring either admin office to check that the email address we have on the system is correct.
I have moved my child to Tremains from another school in the borough and have a credit on their account at their last school, can this be transferred across?
No, any credits will be transferred back to your bank account. Simply ask your child’s current school for a form
I am moving my child from Tremains to another school within the borough, can my credit be transferred across?
No, please visit either admin. office who will supply a form for your completion. All credits can be then transferred to your bank account.
I am moving my child to another school outside the borough, what happens to any credits on their account?
When you know your child’s leaving date, please liaise with admin staff so that we can make sure all credits are used before departure. Alternatively, you can complete a form to have any surplus credit transferred to your bank account. No cash refund is available.
Can I find out what my child had for school lunch today?
We do not have this facility at Tremains Primary School
I put the wrong code/name when paying for lunches; will my child be able to have lunch?
Yes, we have a system whereby any anomalies are highlighted and we can match the money paid, to your child’s account. We would ask that you record your child’s name and unique reference number carefully when paying online as on rare occasions, the credit is not recorded on your child’s account in time and we may have to ring parents to bring down a packed lunch.
I have recorded the wrong school, what happens now?
We ask parents to be very careful when selecting the school, money can go astray and it takes times to track any payments credited to other schools, and we may have to ring parents to bring a packed lunch to school until the money is found and credited to your child’s account.